Becoming More Creative with Self Hypnosis

Creativity can be stifled by stumbling blocks that people have created for themselves through negative thought patterns. People tell themselves every day that they cannot do something, or that they are not good enough to achieve their goals. They spend hours convincing themselves that most things are out of their reach. The best way to understand what it would be like not to have these stumbling blocks, is to remember what it was like to be a child. When a child is born, they are starting from a clean slate. Everything in the world is a new experience and a reason to explore. Nothing in the world has a name for a child. A remote control is not a remote control to a child. It is the gateway into another world for them. When the buttons are pushed, it brings things in their world to life. They are creating as they are growing. It is only when adults tell children what the names of things are that they take the magic out of it. Before the child was told the name of objects, the objects could be anything they wanted it to be. As a child grows older, and they start to learn the names of all of the objects around them, there is no more reason for them to explore. This is the first sign of creativity becoming stifled.

Fantasy and imagination are important in a persons life. Creativity starts from imagination. Cities, states, names, objects, buildings, homes, phones, cars, trains, and everything else that people see were all created from the imagination of someone’s mind. They never told themselves that they could not do it. They had a vision in their head, and they set out to create it. If people did not have imaginations, nothing in the world would have been created. The world has not stopped, so a person’s creative minds should not stop either. The world needs new things. The world is full of creativity, but many people subjectively believe that creativity is only for someone else. Creativity is for anyone who wants it. Creativity is not biased, it does not pick and choose who it wants to affect more. It is up to a person to believe that they can create. People have millions of thoughts going through their minds on a daily basis. Half of their thoughts are excitement about achieving their goals, the other half is their thoughts telling them how hard it will be to achieve. The rest of the day is spent in depression when a person begins to believe the negative thoughts more than the positive ones.

Self hypnosis is just one way that a person can remove the stumbling blocks that they have created in their mind. It is a way for them to remove negative thought patterns that creep in right behind a positive thought. Self hypnosis is all about focusing on one train of thought. When a positive thought is brought into the mind, it is brought into existence. It can now be achieved through a little work and patience, but it can just as easily disappear when negative thoughts erase them. The power of self hypnosis is just as powerful as the mind itself. Negative thought patterns ultimately bring on stress and anxiety. Self hypnosis can relax the person and their mind, so that only positive thoughts are allowed to creep in. When the mind is at rest, it does its best thinking. More creative ideas come into the mind that is the most relaxed. One way to use self hypnosis is to think of their minds as a train that stops and starts. When a person is in a relaxed state through self hypnosis the train can move down the track. When negative thought patterns start to creep into the mind, the person can stop the train. When the positive feelings and thoughts start to come back in, they can begin to move their train again. They can retrain their minds to stop negative thought patterns by stopping the train every time negative emotions and thoughts come into their mind. This will help them to control the negativity and anxiety that they feel throughout the day.

The train can only move when there are positive thoughts. Once positive thoughts are continuously coming into the mind, they can start to create ideas and how they can bring those ideas into fruition. When a person starts to achieve their goals by using self hypnosis to move their train down their positive thought patterns, they will find out how much their negative thoughts have been stifling their creativity. Each person creates their own reality by the power of their thoughts.

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