Basic Uses for Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has an immense amount of applicable uses for the body from being used as a beauty method to a holistic healing approach. It contains at least six antiseptics in a natural state. These antiseptics can be used to kill various molds, viruses, bacteria, and funguses leading to a healthier you.

From a beauty standpoint, aloe can be used to speed up hair growth by rubbing it into the scalp and letting it sit for half an hour. It can balance the PH in your skin and allow hair growing enzymes to do their job. Mixing aloe vera juice with coconut milk and wheat germ can help reduce dandruff. To make your hair look smoother and shinier replace your conditioner with aloe once a week. Make sure when you put aloe on your hair that you rinse well so your hair isn’t left with a sticky situation.

Often, people apply aloe to scars or stretch marks to reduce the visibility of these skin problems. The aloe promotes skin rejuvenation and new cell production. If you have blotched skin, whether it’s red or darkly pigmented, you can apply aloe to these areas and it will reduce the discoloration. It may even help minimize wrinkles!
Using aloe on your entire face as a type of cleanser will shrink your pores and make your skin look brighter. It nourishes your skin with vitamins and amino acids. Because of its astringent properties, running aloe onto your face can also assist in treating acne breakouts and preventing oil buildup in your pores.

For anyone with eczema, you can apply aloe vera to the affected areas of your skin and on your hands and feet to aid in healing the itchy dry parts. Put gloves and socks on after applying it at night and in the morning you will relish in the results. It’s very cooling and soothing so anytime a spot of eczema begins to flare and itch apply some aloe and it will quickly lessen the itch.

Sunburns are one of the worst skin issues the general population has to deal with, and aloe has been marketed for good reason. Using gel from your aloe plant will ease discomfort and help keep your skin moistened so it can repair. Any type of burn can benefit from the treatment with aloe.

Ingesting aloe vera juice can help gastrointestinal problems such as IBS, colitis, and heartburn. For constipation, taking a slight amount of aloe juice as a laxative can ease the pain, but taking too much will cause diarrhea. Because of this side effect, aloe is able to be used as a colon cleanse helping to break down residual residues in the GI tract. This can help reduce bloating and discomfort that comes with most intestinal issues.

Using mouth products that contain aloe vera to boost gum strength and promote a healthy mouth. Having a mouth lesion can be a real pain, but directly applying aloe vera gel will kill bacteria sitting in these areas and encourage rapid healing. If you encounter swollen gums whether it be from ill-fitting mouth pieces or friction from foods you can use aloe to reduce the swelling.

As a diabetic you must have aloe in your home. It can help maintain a balanced blood sugar level and reduce triglycerides and cholesterol. Any cuts, scrapes, or burns you may have can be healed more quickly and safely with using the natural aloe vera versus an over the counter medication.

Finding so many uses for aloe vera has been a great accomplishment dating back more than 5,000 years. It is a plant of great purpose and will hopefully find more places in our medical guides in the future.

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