Balance Your Chakras Using Chi Energy

Balance Your Chakras Using Chi EnergyAs health and wellness websites proliferate, more and more people learn about alternative health solutions. The information revolution is transforming the way people improve their mental, physical and spiritual wellness. Today, any open-minded people look to Eastern chakra theory to improve their lives. Developed thousands of years ago by Hindu and Buddhist thinkers, chakra theory concerns a number of bodily energy centers that govern human health.

In traditional Eastern illustrations, chakras are often portrayed as flowers or pinwheels superimposed over the human body. This represents the idea that chakras are whorls or focuses for human energy, also known as chi. Although the concept of chi is controversial for many Western doctors, Eastern thinkers have embraced chi theories since time immemorial. Today, people around the world have realized outstanding health and happiness by harnessing the power of chi.

Chi is not a purely human energy force. Eastern sages teach that chi energy permeates every inch of the universe. Chi links humans, plants, animals and even environmental objects that are usually considered to be inanimate. When chi circulates freely through the human body in a natural way, individuals are less susceptible to major illnesses. When chi energy is blocked or disrupted, the human body is checked in its ability to resist cancer, diabetes and heart disease, to list only a few.

Most theorists describe six or more chakras that are located on the spine. Collectively, these chakras govern the human nervous system and all aspects of human health and wellness. Through mental practices like prayer and meditation, individuals can increase their chi, balancing their chakras and improving their whole-body health. Chi is also greatly affected by diet and exercise habits.

When human beings consume too many toxic preservatives and additives, their personal energy pathways are often blocked. Individuals can optimize their chi levels by consuming traditional herbs and natural, organic foods. Physical exercise also plays an important role in chi regulation. While many fitness oriented individuals are drawn towards Eastern disciplines like yoga and tai chi, any type of dedicated exercise regimen can improve chi flow to balance chakras.

In addition to these personal practices, individuals may also increase their chi through acts of selfless service towards tother human beings. This aspect of chi management isn’t yet fully understood by science. Nevertheless, countless people have reported the energizing effects of selfless service. In order to learn more about balancing chakras, individuals should review the many informative, up-to-date alternative health sites that abound on the Web.

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