Aromatherapy Soy Candles and Other Natural Items

Aromatherapy is a very effective addition to traditional Western medicine. Aromatherapy is the incorporation of essential oils into the body through massage or inhalation. As a massage oil, compress, or room spray, the essential oils are first put in a carrier base, usually vegetable glycerin. Vegetable glycerin is a natural plant derived oil, chosen for its gentleness and tendency to be hypoallergenic.

Essential oils are derived from plants, shrubs, herbs, fruits or flowers. These essential oils can be up to one hundred times the potency in which they are found in nature. Essential oils have for centuries been known to possess medicinal benefits. For example, lavender oil, has been known to induce calmness in those who smell it and citrus, such as orange or lemon oil, for energy and detoxification. Lemon and grapefruit extracts are often used in soaps for this reason. But in addition to mood elevation, essential oils can safely and effectively reduce physical symptoms of disease. Ginger, peppermint, and fennel have all been used to treat digestive disorders including nausea, and still are highly recommended drug free treatments for those ailments. Camphor is a highly effective bronchodilator and decongestant, helping people relieve the symptoms of upper respiratory infections and asthma.

Essential oils work by stimulating the olfactory senses in the brain where we process smells. It has been shown that this part of the brain is related to emotion and well being. When applied to the body, through the skin, the essential oils are absorbed into the skin, and into the bloodstream. There they have a profound effect, not unlike medication. However, there are little or no side effects whatsoever. The only negative side effect reported by the use of aromatherapy may be skin irritation or sensitivity to a particular essential oil. If that were to occur, there are generally a few different essential oils that can treat any one particular condition or the oil can be inhaled through a room spray or a diffuser rather than applied topically.

One of the easiest ways to begin incorporating aromatherapy into one’s life is with candles made from essential oils. Soy candles are even better as they are cleaner and much longer lasting than traditional wax burning candles. Soy candles are a little more expensive but their longevity and quality are well worth the few extra cents. Soy candles are available at many different retail stores as well as online. The soy candles are manufactured with many various essential oils. Candles have been popular for centuries not only as a source of light, but for their aroma diffusing properties. When burned safely, soy candles can reduce stress, induce calmness, help restore respiratory and cardiac function, and even help relieve pain.

When searching for aromatherapy oils, look for products that are essential oils or aroma therapeutics. Health practitioners, such as massage therapists, acupuncturists and herbalists can be effective in producing essential oil fragrances and massage oils based on a patient’s particular symptoms. Like a doctor prescribing medication, certain oils can be prescribed for certain conditions. The practitioner can combine up to five or six oils to benefit the ailments of a patient. Any more than that is simply not as effective and causes the oils to be too dilute to effectively be helpful.

Soy candles are an easy, inexpensive way to begin an introduction to the benefits of aromatherapy. Invigorate your mind, body and soul with the pure, natural fragrances of essential oils.

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