Aromatherapy For Weight Loss

Aromatherapy was given its name by a French chemist, R.M Gattefosse and used in describing therapeutic treatment that involved botanical oils. This type of approach addresses many different health problems, from conditions and issues with the skin to migraines and much more. Aromatherapy is frequently used by many people today as part of their weight loss plan.

It has been confirmed by scientific research that sense of smell plays a major role in a person deciding what he or she will eat and the quantity eaten. Smell has a greater impact on your emotions and subconscious than your other senses do. There is also very little doubt that scent play important roles in the human behavior.

Metabolism, digestion and appetite can all be controlled by using aromatherapy oils and candles because they stimulate the neural centers located in the brain that are associated in bringing in the wanted effect. Studies prove that aromatherapy greatly helps in losing weight in a manner that can be sustained. When it is used as a part of diet that is calorie controlled, it aids in losing more weight than usual. Aromatherapy has nearly no side effects because it is made up of essential oils that are drug-free.

When someone is exposed to a particular mixture of aroma, the brain is stimulated and provides a feeling of fullness that is then relayed on to the stomach. This stops food cravings and also balances the body’s appetite. There are some smells that neutralize the appetite just as some smells stimulate the appetite. Aromatherapy is one smell that aids in neutralizing appetite.

Some essential oils help the body get rid of toxins include:

1. Juniper. Rids the body of toxins when it is put in bath water or massaged into the skin.
2. Rosemary. Helps the body increase the lymphatic system, which helps flush fat out of the body.
3. Vanilla. Helps to reduce cravings for sweet foods.
4. Patchouli. Regulates the appetite. Drops can be added to a diffuser and then inhaled.
5. Bergamot. Controls the appetite. Drops can be added to bath water.
The essential oil that is the most well-known for weight loss is Pink Grapefruit. Basil, Fennel, Ginger, Lemon, Peppermint, Sandalwood, Thyme, Spearmint and Ylang Ylang are some other essentials oils used as appetite-suppressants for weight loss.

The key to using essential oils to curb food cravings and suppress appetite is to inhale the oils for a minimum of five minutes; inhaling for any time less than five minutes may actually tend to stimulate the appetite.

Aromatherapy is a great method for controlling weight and obesity. There are many different essential oils that can help with focus, bringing your attention to your eating patterns. Aromatherapy can aid in overcoming food addictions, particularly when eating for comfort. Instead of eating to overcome stress, anger, depression, anxiety, boredom or other types of feelings, aromatherapy can be used to change an emotional state. Aromatherapy will also help in creating a mental space to help manage cravings, obstacles and disruptions when working for a better overall health.

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