Aromatherapy Essential Oils For Travel Healthcare

Usually when traveling, you have a head-on collision with either allergic reactions, motion sickness, or over-stressed nerves just from planning. You can help steer your mental and emotional responses with a good system of aromatic treatment. Be ready for anything from the common cold to jet lag by doing a little aroma-therapeutic homework before you leave.

Refresh your room
At the hotel room, light a lemon grass aromatherapy candle or plug in a diffuser with the scent of lemon and perhaps a drop of rosemary. These essential oils will lift your spirits, pacify any travel headache, and perk up your appetite so you can enjoy that special dinner.
If you are really haggard from the trip and feeling a little jet lag, perhaps it is time for a bath. Showering or bathing in lavender will help revitalize your spirits. Soaking proves to be most effective with this essential oil that stimulates your circulatory system. Add in some thyme oil for treating your exhausted mind and muscles. A couple drops of spruce will garner your energy as well.

Fight fatigue
If you plan to do a lot of driving or walking, think ahead before you take off. Drink plenty of water and eat correctly while traveling. Another great cure for sleepiness is a nap. Just a short nap can recharge a person–and save a life. A car scent diffuser will help you to not doze off behind the wheel. Try a blend of orange, rosemary, peppermint, and eucalyptus to perk you up on a long drive. If you have shopped until you dropped, use these oils and some cinnamon leaf oil as a foot massage (in a carrier oil like jojoba) or put a few drops in a hot foot bath.

Reclaim your breathing
Going through crowded spaces full of disease carrying humans, such as airports, bus stations, or tourist traps, you or your travel partners may pick up something catchy. While you will want to practice good hygiene while abroad, aromatherapy can intervene in those “how did this happen” situations.
Eucalyptus works as a good congestion buster to provide early relief of colds and to prevent further developments such as bronchial infections. Rub the eucalyptus oil onto the chest of a child or adult and let them breathe this powerful potion in a steamy shower. If you buy the essential oil, take care to mix it carefully in a good carrier oil such as coconut oil before applying it to the skin. Pure eucalyptus on the skin will burn and may cause a rash–another headache you do not want. Stuffed up sinuses can be massaged with a eucalyptus oil to bring relief. Some will respond quickly to peppermint oil applied to the back of the roof of the mouth.

Recover from nausea
Did the turbulent plane ride or the swerving taxi leave your stomach inside out? For a tough case, you may want to make some chamomile or licorice tea and add in a drop of ginger and one of peppermint, sweetened with honey or agave nectar. For less serious cases, grab a bottled water and put in a couple drops of peppermint and sweet fennel. Keep this handy for your day at the theme park as well.

Be ready for anything
Keep tea tree oil on hand for a variety of needs. Unlike some oils, tea tree applies directly to the skin. If you have scrapes, minor cuts, or blisters, apply tea tree directly to the site. Mix it with peppermint to sooth pain as well.
Pack along at least four essential oils: peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, and tea tree to cover the basics in most situations you will encounter away from home.

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