Alternative medicine with the use of Essential oils and Dead Sea Salts

Alternative medicine with the use of Essential oils and Dead Sea SaltsEssential oils have healing properties for both mental and physical ailments. Alternative medicine has been practiced for thousands of years, dating back to the egyptians, and continues to be utilized in whats now known today as aeromatherapy.By distilling plant vegetation, the purest form is left, known as the essential oils.

Some essential oils that help eleviate stress and anxiety are jasmine, rose, and lavender. They help eleviate symptoms quickly with no side effects. These essential oils also help aid in headaches, menstrual cramps, coughs, and may help in aiding a good nights sleep. Lavender and other essentials oils such as lemon and thyme have properties of being antibacterial that are good for insect bites, cuts, and small burns. Tree tree oil is also an antibacterial and works well as an acne treatment. Lavender also acts as an anti-inflammatory that can reduce swelling. By adding essential oils to a bath, carrier oils for a massage, or using a diffuser are examples of ways to utilize essential oils.

Another alternative medicine used that either alone or with essential oils is the use of Dead Sea salt. What gives Dead Sea salts it’s healing abilities is the amount of minerals it contains. Sodium chloride(salt) contained in Dead Sea salts are only fifteen percent, compared to table salt and other sea salts which contain upwards of eighty percent. Minerals contained within the salt such as magnesium bromide and calcium help alleviate symptoms of rhuematoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. The minerals help with water retention, relax the muscles, and help rebuild cartilage. Dead Sea salt also helps with skin condition such as psoriasis and eczema by softening and pulling toxins from the skin. Other health benefits from the salts are helping stress, balancing the nervous system, and the high levels of magnesium can aid in wrinkle reduction.

Alternative medicines can benefit where pharmeceuticals can’t by providing no side effects and a healthy approach, but precautions and educating one self are crucial. Some essential oils are safe to use alone topically, but because it’s highly concentrated form, some essential oils can cause skin irritation. Also, it’s important to check if you’re allergic to any essential oils you may use. Last, women who are pregnant should check with a physician on the use of alternative medicines or the usage of essential oils. Studies have shown that some essential oils can cause premature labor. Alternative medicines, like any form of medicine should be researched before using, but can have wonderful results and a healthier approach to healing.

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