Alternative Medicine: Is It the Right Prescription for Me?

Alternative Medicine: Is It the Right Prescription for Me?The field of alternative medicine, with its many healing modalities, dietary regimens and vast array of supplements, can be quite daunting to the newcomer. In addition, since each individual is unique, as is his or her body chemistry, it can be quite challenging to determine the regimen that best accommodates the individual’s needs and lifestyle.

When embarking on an alternative health lifestyle, it’s best to make the change gradually so that the body has time to adapt to the new regimen. The first step, of course, is to begin eating in a healthy manner, eliminating processed food and preservatives. Concentrate on fresh, organically grown food and, for non-vegetarians, meat and poultry from sustainable farms that raise livestock humanely without the use of hormones, steroids and antibiotics.

An incredible array of vitamins and supplements is available to help rid the body of toxins that are absorbed daily, even when living a healthy lifestyle. Many vitamins and supplements are also antioxidants, which are substances that rid the body of the free radicals that destroy healthy cells and accelerate the aging process.

A healthy lifestyle can include the application of alternative healing modalities to physical and/or emotional issues rather than the utilization of traditional medicine with its artificial chemicals and compounds. Many modalities teach methods for becoming more attuned to the body’s signals, thereby enabling an individual to differentiate between a healthy body and one that is developing a problem. Meditation is an element of many alternative healing methods and has many benefits, including lowered blood pressure, increased awareness of the body and its surroundings as well as spiritual cleansing and healing.

Releasing negative emotions is an enormous step in restoring physical and mental health and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Some healing modalities believe that most physical ailments are the result of emotional issues that have not been released. Negative emotions such as fear, anger, hatred and so forth, cause both short-term and long-term deleterious effects on the various organs of the body. Science postulates that negative emotions may have a direct correlation to some illnesses, such as cancer.

Some alternative healing modalities, using the acupuncture points as a basis, can enable an individual to pinpoint and address unresolved emotional issues that may be manifesting as physical problems. Others are based on the premise that human bodies operate at certain frequency levels, or vibrations, and changing an individual’s vibration level can result in increased emotional and physical well-being.

As well, many alternative healing modalities use aromatherapy, or a form of it, as an aid to achieve physical and emotional well-being. The premise of these modalities is that plants and flowers have vibration levels and matching the vibration level of the appropriate plant or flower to the issue of the individual promotes or achieves healing.

Still other alternative medicines are based on ancient healing practices, such as acupuncture, Pranic healing or Ayurvedic medicine. Since individual needs vary greatly, the time spent to adequately research which modality, or combination thereof, will be most personally effective will yield a superior alternative health program. One of the most attractive elements of alternative medicine is the degree of customization available. Most modalities interact well with others, so an individual can achieve a healthy lifestyle that is completely tailored to his or her needs.

As with any new health regimen, common sense should be in the forefront. In other words, an individual should not use a substance to which they are sensitive merely because the substance is a natural remedy, for instance. Also, any prescription medications for existing conditions should not be abruptly discontinued. However, in some cases, adopting a healthy lifestyle and using alternative medicine has enabled some individuals to eliminate their traditional medication and its undesirable side effects.

Alternative medicine and healing methods can facilitate physical and emotional healing without the unpleasant side effects of traditional medication and thereby lead to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

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