Alternative Medicine Institutes vs Conventional Doctors

Not a day goes by that you can’t find an attorney ad looking for victims of serious complications or reactions from prescription drugs. As more and more commercials and ads appear for lawsuits against drug companies, it’s no wonder why people are looking for Alternative Medicine Institutes. There are a number of other reasons why people are seeking alternative medicine solutions.

Side Effects
People are always concerned about possible side effects from drugs. The latest thing we hear all about in the media is the lawsuits launched due to serious and sometimes deadly side effects. Not only can these side effects be permanent, but they can cause someone to put their daily life on hold. For instance, how well does someone function of pain killers or muscle relaxers? Some drugs are known to cause a person to have flu like symptoms, diarrhea or headaches. If you can’t get out of bed, drive or work, your life is put on pause until your condition improves. The side effects control what you can and cannot do.

Open Minded Staff
Alternative Medicine Institutes are known to be staffed with folks that are seeking alternative ways to treating your condition. That means they are open minded and can think outside the box. How many times have you been to the doctor for multiple symptoms and received the identical prescription or an increased dose of the same drug? Alternative medicine looks for ways of curing, not just treating symptoms, with the least amount of repeat sessions needed. They also are not afraid to try natural remedies.

Bureaucratic Red Tape
Typically when a cure is found for a disease, it can take anywhere up to 10 years or more to get the drug approved and into the hands of John Q Public. When you are diagnosed with a disease, you may not have 10 years. Many Alternative Medicine Institutes use herbs and natural remedies. These may include herbs, acupuncture, meditation and acupressure. These types of remedies take a fraction of the time to get into public use than marketable man made drugs. If you have waited 10 years for a drug to hit the market and it doesn’t work, do you have 10 more years to wait?

The Big Picture
Often times when you go to the doctor, you may get to discuss all your issues, but rarely are all your issues treated at that time. Your doctor will probably choose one or two items to start with. Part of this is due to limited drug use. A doctor does not want to put a patient on 20 different drugs. They would rather hit the worse issues then work their way down. Hopefully, each time being able to stop one drug before starting another. This is done to prevent drugs from interacting with each other and to lessen the blow to a patient’s wallet. With Alternative Medicine Institutes, they look at your health as a whole. They look to see if your backache could be the cause of your headaches. They compare your lab results with your symptoms and attack it as a whole. Many herbs can be taken together without fear of interactions or reactions. This enables a patient to have multiple complaints worked on simultaneously.

Conventional doctors are limited by strict laws and drug manufacturer’s guidelines. Alternative Medicine Institutes offer more freedom. Drugs can be life inhibiting, costly and the side effects can be quite damaging. In addition, drugs are used for a few symptoms as a time. Alternative treatments can be set up for a number of health issues at once with fewer side effects. Alternative medicine facilities offer a wide variety of open minded options for your needs today, rather than waiting 10 years for cures that may never come. Patients have many options at alternative facilities rather than shots or drugs at doctors offices. The Alternative Medicine Institutes can focus on health as a whole to see what is interacting and causing other symptoms.

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