Aloe Vera – A Green Miracle

Aloe vera comes from a plant that has been used for hundreds of years to treat an array of health conditions. The gel from an aloe plant contains polysaccharides and glycoproteins, which stimulate the immune system and stop inflammation and pain. This all-natural, herbal plant is primarily grown in tropical and subtropical locations. Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, aloe was one of the most commonly prescribed medications and even today it is still one of the most frequently used herbs. Learn some of today’s most common uses for aloe vera.

Dental Health
Aloe vera has natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. This makes it ideal for use in treating mouth ulcers and bleeding gums. Just dabbing a bit of aloe vera onto your gums or mouth sores each day can help to promote healing and cell growth.
Treating Acne and Other Skin Conditions
So many over-the-counter skin care products contain aloe and that’s because it works magic on troubled skin. Use aloe vera to treat acne, psoriasis, dry skin and blisters. It is also beneficial in lighten dark age spots on the face and reducing pigmentation. In addition, aloe vera can also help to stimulate collagen and elastin production, which helps to delay the signs of aging.
Hair Care
Dandruff and dry hair are no match for the ultra-moisturizing aloe vera gel. Pure aloe vera gel can relieve dryness and keep dandruff at bay. For general dryness or lack of moisture, juice half of a fresh lemon and mix the juice with ½ cup of aloe vera gel. Apply the mixture once a week to freshly-washed hair. Leave it on for approximately five minutes before rinsing and shampooing.
If dandruff is the problem, apply a small amount aloe vera gel directly to the scalp twice daily for at least six weeks. Leave the gel on your scalp for at least an hour. You’ll notice significant improvement in your flaky scalp.
Treating Herpes
According the University of Maryland Medical Center, when aloe vera is applied topically to genital herpes, it can relieve the pain and burning symptoms, and also speed up the healing of the sores. The sores should be covered with the gel twice a day until they are completely healed.
Soothing Burns
If you’ve soaked up too much sun, aloe vera will come to your rescue. Not only does it soothe the burning pain associated with sunburn, it also helps to stimulate new skin growth and repair. It’s not only good for sunburns, either. Use aloe vera gel to help soothe and heal any type of minor burn on your skin. Continue to use the aloe vera until the burn has healed.
While aloe vera is an all-natural method of healing, some precautions must be taken. It is not advised to take aloe vera orally. Also, it should never be applied to an open cut or wound. Although rare, aloe vera may trigger an allergic reaction which can lead to a rash on the skin. Always check with your doctor before using aloe vera to treat any type of condition, especially serious conditions like genital herpes.

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