Memory Loss

Memory loss is the inability to recall previously-learned information or to process recently-learned information and is the most common psychological manifestation of the normal aging process. Memory loss is not, however, the same condition as simple forgetfulness. In the medical professions, “pathological” memory loss is defined as “amnesia” and is usually considered to be one […]

Elderberry Shown to Be Potent Tool against Flu and Other Viruses

Thanks to a mild winter, the flu season began much later than normal, and was not as severe as in recent years. There are immunizations and pharmaceutical drugs like Relenza and Tamiflu available to stave off or treat the flu. However, nature has provided safer alternatives to ward off influenza and its unpleasant symptoms. Elderberries […]

The Benefits of Juicing

The latest health lifestyle change that is being heard of more and more is juicing. The basics of juicing are known by most people but the numerous health benefits that go along with this act may not be as well known. In its most basic explanation, juicing is taking fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, placing […]

Health vs. Wellness

When men and women hear the words health and wellness, most assume that the words are synonyms. While the idea that often comes to mind might seem similar, the truth is that the words are not synonymous. The meaning of health and the definition of wellness are very different. Both words have different connotations and […]

Grow your own Herbs – make a special cup of tea!

There is always something special about making your foods completely from scratch. Whether it is a delicious pot of warm organic vegetable soup or a recipe that has been handed down for generations, a special reward of fulfillment comes with growing your own edibles and then preparing them exactly as you see fit. In this […]

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